Health through Education, Empowerment and Nutrition

We need a system of medicine based on keeping people healthy through education and empowerment.  That means teaching individuals of all ages they can maintain their health and prevent disease through foods, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices.  To provide the public the incentive to make proper choices, on an individual basis, they need to see the positive and negative effects of these choices.

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    Nutrition Monitoring is looking at way to promote to the public its values. One way is to create a Not-For-Profit (Choose Health Now. Inc (CHN)) to focus on providing clients a Personal Preventive Profile – using computer analysis of changes in protein distribution (systemic biomarkers) to monitor a person’s inner health. This process uses your personal biochemical individuality, not a population norm, to look for changes in your health status. Our healthcare system looks for disease not maintaining health. The US Diagnosis-Related Grouping (DRG) system has over five hundred different diagnosis codes to determine patients who are anticipated to have similar needs. Based on their DRG code patients are authorized to have specific tests and treatments. A very small number of screening tests for specific disease have been approved. Due to the latent nature of many diseases (sometimes ten years or more) it is imperative that you know what biochemical changes are happing within you before those biochemical changes become a disease. Monies spent on personal preventive efforts pay a big dividend in improved health and reduced disease management costs.

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